We'll work closely together with you at every production stage to ensure your requirements are met.

We manage the entire project from concept to completion.

When you choose Firefly Film, together we'll plan exactly what you want before we film. This is a crucial part of filmmaking and makes the process run much more smoothly.  We will write scripts for your video production content, directed at your audience; creating short-films for you - just how you want it. We can be as creative and imaginative as you want.

1. Planning:

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We'll meet up and work out what the scope of your film is, what you want it to say and how to say it. We want to find out what you're about.

We'll plan how you want your film to look, who's going to be in it, it's location, whether you need a voice-over or subtitles. Then we'll make a storyboard and script and once you're happy with that - we'll plan a filming date that's convenient for you.

2. Filming:



We can come and film at your work, home, conference, event, talk - we're very discreet and can use small cameras and microphones - especially if people are camera shy. Filming doesn't need to be scary!

3. Editing:



Once we have all the film footage we'll make a first edit (called a rough cut) and you can check you're happy - anything can be changed at this point.

Then we'll make a final cut. Once you're happy with that  - we're here to help you add the film to your website.